A man, bonded with the heavens, who seeks vengence on the undead hordes.


Human Ranger
Age: 22
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170


Arkangel was not always known by that name.

Years ago, a boy named Torrent was born into a Zombie infested world, in the city of South Point. He had a loving family, and despite the turmoil that engulfed the world, he was happy.

Torrent‘s mother, Donta, loved him and gave him everything she could, in order to make him happy. One day, a rich trader named Gordian came to Torrent’s father, Terse and told him that he had to go out on a supply run, or he would hurt his family. Terse refused, saying there was no reason for him to risk his life for some rich stranger.

Upon being refused, Gordian ordered the town guard to banish Torrent and his family. They were ripped from their humble home, and thrown out into the mass of snapping teeth and outstretched arms. Peasants and townsfolk stared, abhorred, at the scene, but none of them helped for fear of being bannished as well. Donta grabbed Torrent, and held him as high as she could while she ran with all her might. Once she slowed down from her wounds, she threw her child as far as she could, and he landed just past the mass of undead creatures. He watched as his mother was torn to bloody shreds. Her last word echoed in Torrent’s… Run!

Terse’s corpse was being ripped to pieces, as his lifeless eyes stared out toward Torrent. Tears streamed down his face, as he breathed his last breath. Torrent ran away from the massacre. He was unable to look back as he ran in a blind, fearful rage.

He ran for hours, scrambling away from small groups of Zombies, until his young body collapsed. He could hear the moaning and scraping of the undead, about to make him their next meal; he accepted it. Torrent knew it was over. He closed his eyes, and awaited the inevitable, but it never came.

He dared to open his eyes, and saw a blinding light. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the figure that seemed to be floating in the distance in the middle of the glaring light. As Torrent squinted, thinking he was seeing the Haithan Plane itself, he was lifted into the air. Before him was the Raven Queen, a dark epicenter in a glaring halo of light. She whispered to him that it was not over, and that she had plans for him.

While he was suspended in the air, enjoying the pure rapture of what was happening, he felt different; he felt like he was more. He heard her whisper again, and started to understand what powers he was being granted. From the darkness in the center of the blinding light, an inky black raven appeared.

Queenseye was the raven’s name.

The raven flew to his shoulder, and landed. It felt right, and Torrent knew that they would share a bond throughout life.

He was to be her champion, and with this title came a new name. Torrent was dead, killed by Zombies on some forsaken trail; and from this action, Arkangel was born. He felt more alive, and vowed to follow the Raven Queen’s commands. He knew that if he did this, she would arrange for him to exact his vengence, not only on Gordian, the rich snob that sentenced his family to death, but also every Zombie that walked or crawled on the wretched, lonely world.


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