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This campaign begins on the continent of Fallbreal; a world that has been completely engulfed in Zombies. Life is hard, and the people are harder.

It has been 300 years since the Great Infestation occurred. The Lich, deep in Mount Holydriver, with the help of Maliphesto, amassed an army of the undead, and let them loose on the world. At first, the people of Fallbreal put up a good fight, but they eventually ran out of energy and manpower as the Zombie hordes grew from Fallbreal’s fallen.

It became clear that the living couldn’t keep up the pace with the dead, so the people of Fallbreal put their resources together and created the Four Hallows; that is four safe zones where Zombies could not enter. The four mages, Quaidoxx, Maelquae, Dorian, and Darius, gave their lives to power four great spells of warding. By willingly sacrificing their lives, the mages created an enchantment that undead creatures cannot penetrate.

Forestglenn in the north, West Point in the west, and South Point and Lakefront in the south; these are the Four Hallows, made safe by the mages of old. There are some rogue tribes that live outside the safety of these cities, but most of Fallbreal’s population dwells within one of the Four Hallows.

Outside each of these safe havens, Zombies claw endless at the air, stopped by the protective enchantment around the city. Eventually, the resident mages of Forestglenn created portals that could carry people between the Four Hallows. This proved to be invaluable, as the people began trading between cities.

Each of the Four Hallows is composed of two distinct social classes: rich and poor. The poor people are the ones sent out to scout amongst the Zombies in search of anything of value. The rich people are the ones sending them out on these suicide runs, then reaping the benefits through trade. Trade has become a fairly dangerous business, not only because of the Zombies, but also the merciless competition. It is well known that, “the rich stay rich, and the poor stay poor.”

The continent of Raalael lies many miles to the west of Fallbreal. Here, people do not live in constant fear of Zombies. During the beginning of the Great Infestation, the townships all across Raalael banded together, and stopped the hordes from reaching their major cities. Zombies poured from the ocean depths, onto the beaches along the east coast of Raalael, only to be slaughtered at the Barrier of the Living. After 200 years of wasting bodies, the Lich withdrew his forces.

Raalael is a place full of mistrust and strict guidelines, to ensure no one is able to spy on them. Outsiders are treated with blatent malice and killed. Regardless of the fact that the undead hordes don’t attack Raalael, it is a very inhospitable place to live, thanks mainly to the government that controls Raalael; the Order of Talikara.

The main threat to both Fallbreal and Raalael, suprisingly is not the Zombie infestation, or the corrupt, over-conservative Order of Talikara; the greatest threat is Maliphesto. Before the Great Infestation, Maliphesto gathered forces, supposedly to fight the Lich; but when the thousands of soldiers showed up to quell the evil force at Mount Holydriver, they were betrayed, and turned into the very beasts they had come to destroy.

Now, no one goes to the east side of Fallbreal, for that is where the Abyssal Cathedral is. Maliphesto sits, alone and empowered, waiting for his forces to wipe out all life. Time is on his side, for Zombies don’t tire. Once the Four Hallows are destroyed, nothing can stop him from completely taking over Fallbreal, and he can put his full attention toward destroying Raalael, and all life in the world.

Main Page

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